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why a gender content audit?

Yong recognized that gender biases are replicated and perpetuated in media. It matters that men are more often named as experts and that their voices are more often heard in the content we consume.

Journalists and content producers carry some of the responsibility for ensuring their gender biases do not seep into the way they structure and research their work, and for what they put out into the world.

This is particularly important in light of the recent revelations that media companies are not always welcome places for women to work, and that the gender biases held by individuals and organizations can have multitude kinds of impact. We are in an important cultural moment where there is momentum to examine all dimensions of gender discrimination, from the pay gap to sexual harassment to representation and stereotypes in media production and content.

In the fall ofIFEX, a network of organizations that works to defend and promote freedom of expression, undertook a more comprehensive type of review: IFEX produces original content and aggregates information about freedom of expression from multiple platforms and grassroots organizations. Over the course of several months, I worked as a consultant with IFEX staff to understand how the organization represents gender and sexual diversity in its production and public facing content, to identify the gaps, and to figure out how those gaps could be addressed.

I also looked at who produces their content, and how those content producers understood gender and sexual diversity issues.

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The results of the audit demonstrate that IFEX is already being thoughtful about gender issues. It also indicated areas for improvement, especially when it came to improving gender disaggregated data, and increasing the capacity of content producers to understand how gender and sexual diversity issues linked to their work. The audit allowed me to make concrete recommendations, and it also serves as a baseline against which IFEX can measure their progress.

One of the recommendations was to run the same audit every three years, to track how things are improving. Gender audit tools are not, in and of themselves, a magic bullet.